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Broken Promises. Betrayal. Death.

It is 1838. The Cherokee people are being rounded up by the U.S. government and forcibly removed from their ancestral lands. A young Cherokee girl named Bluebird is swept up in the Army’s net, separated from her mother, and taken to a disease-ridden detention camp. While being detained there, Bluebird becomes close to an elderly woman and her grandson, Grey Wolf. Within weeks, they leave the camp and set out upon a horrific cross-country march to Indian Territory-a journey that will become known to history as the Trail of Tears.

So begins Cherokee Clay, a powerful multi-generational saga following the trials and tribulations of Bluebird, Grey Wolf, and their descendants as they fight for their very survival from the Trail of Tears to the Civil War and beyond.

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Young Dragons Press

Cherokee Stone, continuing the story of Bluebird and her descendants, centers around her great-granddaughter, Amelia, and her struggles to cope with life at a mission school.


Abandonment. Loss. Change.

It is the 20th century, and young Amelia Stone finds herself far away from the comfort of her Cherokee family and home. Cherokee Stone continues the saga of Bluebird and her descendants, focusing on her great-granddaughter, Amelia, who struggles to cope with living at a harsh mission/boarding school and her encounters with those she meets afterwards.