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This title is a little deceiving. This picture was taken in the winter of 2021, but we have already had light snow this winter. This is how our youngest cat, Lucky, enjoys the snow, sleeping snugly in our bay window.

Not sure what this winter will bring. Normally, here in Oklahoma, we have mild winters, but our weather can be bi-polar. We grilled steaks just a few days after Christmas, but now our night temperatures are in the 20s and teens. Soon these temperatures will regularly extend to daytime hours.

What is your weather like where you live? Do you have to go outside no matter how cold it gets? I feel very blessed that I no longer have to go anywhere I don’t care to go. I can be like Lucky, snug in my warm house. Unlike Lucky, I can get on my computer or simply curl up with a good book.

Happy New Year, my friend! May 2022 bring you love, peace, health, prosperity, and any other good gifts you desire.


  1. April E. Durossette

    Pretty kitty Regina.
    We do get out to take care of our few chickens, cow, bull, couple of goats and our adopted dog, who helps keep watch over all, Abby.
    I read somewhere the winters are bi polar here, Good description.
    We are blessed to be prepared. Wood for our woodstove. Plenty of food in pantry and freezer. And blessed to have my husband of 41 years at my side. Of course there is plenty to want and ask for…. but so much more to be thankful for.
    Bless you this new year.
    – April

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