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Sharing a bit of book imagery today. Think of yourself as the protagonist in your book of life. Are you an action character or a passive observer? In writing, we are told to “hook” our readers by creating interesting characters who are actively moving. For example, in Cherokee Clay, my character Bluebird takes off when her mother yells, “Run!” Hopefully, this beginning hooked you into wondering who is this girl, and why is she running.

Sometimes as we grow older, we slow down and tend to adopt a more sedentary lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with this, and real satisfaction can be found in enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Sharing hugs, kisses, and conversations with your partner. A visit, in person, by phone, or online, with a loved one or a good friend. Petting and playing with a sweet pet. Connecting with Mother Earth by planting and caring for shrubs, flowers, and other plants. Cooking and/or eating a delicious meal. Taking a walk and surrendering yourself to the sights, sounds, and smells of our beautiful world. Or perhaps, even traveling to parts unknown. All of these are worthy activities, and I love doing them all.

And yet, I believe there is something more. My restless brain is not content with remaining idle while my hands, legs, and senses are at work. I need to create something from my mind and soul. That’s one reason I am writing this blog today. Right now, I am between writing projects, but I have three books that are in the works. They are my hopes and dreams.

One of these is my first nonfiction book about Cherokee history. Another one is my first children’s book based on a bedtime story my husband used to tell our granddaughter Samantha. Then there is the final book in my “Cherokee Passages” series, Cherokee Steel. (Below is a picture of me, exploring Maine, a few years ago.)

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