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July 4, 2021, will go down as a day to remember. As I was checking my e-mail that afternoon, I noticed a message from my publisher, Casey Cowan, from Oghma Creative Media. He told me that I was a finalist for the Will Rogers Medallion Award for my first book, CHEROKEE CLAY, in the Best Western for Young Readers category. I was overjoyed, especially when I learned that they will hand me this cool medallion for being named as a finalist. So, come October, you might just catch a glimpse of two Okies, traveling southbound on their way to Ft. Worth, where the award ceremony will be held. For more information about this year’s nominees, check out

Speaking of Will Rogers, I have always admired the man. He was a successful writer, actor, speaker, and fellow Oklahoman. Not only was he a real cowboy, he was a Cherokee cowboy and proud of it. Here are two examples of what Will said on the subject.

“Being an Indian, I don’t mind telling you that personally, I am sorry he (Columbus) ever found us. The discovery of American has been of no material benefit to us, outside of losing all of our land.”

“I am not so sweet on old Andy (Andrew Jackson). He was the one who ran us Cherokees out of Georgia and North Carolina.”

Amen, Will.

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