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Do you remember that scene from the first SUPERMAN movie in which he used his super strength to turn the sun back a day? He changed the course of history just so he could save the life of the woman he loved, Lois Lane.

Author Stephen King went back to the past repeatedly in his novel, 11/22/63. His protagonist wanted to Save JFK, and later, his lady love, but he finally learns that changing history has consequences.

Haven’t we all wished we could do that at some time or another? The first time I remember doing it I was very young. Through carelessness I had stained the new skirt that my mother had just bought me. There wasn’t a lot of money for new clothes, and I knew she would scold me. I remember praying that God would turn back time so that I could avoid the stain and the scolding. Of course, my frivolous request wasn’t granted, but I don’t remember the scolding being traumatic at all. The time I spent fretting about my anticipated punishment was much worse.

When I grew up, I experienced many situations which I desperately wanted to do over. If the day could just start over, I would act in such a way that the end result would be happy, not sad. I could have easily avoided some bad decisions, accidents, and arguments. I might have even saved a life once or twice. But, in real life, unlike in fictional stories, there are no do overs.

We all have to live with the regrets brought about by the mistakes we have made in the past. I want to live my life in such a way that my regrets are few and my joys are abundant.

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