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CONGRATULATIONS to Regina McLemore. Cherokee Clay has been named a finalist in the 2021 Will Rogers Medallion Award in the Western Fiction-Young Readers. This is the second award for Cherokee Clay. This wonderful Young Adult book was named a finalist in the Western Fictioneer Award for 2021. The book has also received multiple other recognitions. This is the first book in the series.

-Sherry Roberts, Author and Photographer

Received the Will Rogers Medallion Award for Cherokee Clay, 10-23-21

“This is a story that needs telling. Cherokee Clay speaks of both the hardships and the strength of a people forced from their home as they cling to their identity. A worthy read.” 

A. Brunk

“Cherokee Clay is a tale about one family’s struggles and triumphs during the forced removal of the Cherokee people and adjusting to life shortly thereafter. The story was fast-paced, held my interest, and is also historically accurate. I cannot wait to read Book Two! ”

Shamekah H.

“A great story with wonderful characters who struggle with being forcibly removed from their homes. I definitely recommend this book. I will purchase more books from this author. ”

B. J. Clouse

“Since I’m from the area this book was written, I found Cherokee Clay very interesting. It’s about the hardship and struggles of the Cherokee people. I can’t wait to read the other two.”

S. Auffet

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